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Quickly Set Your Suspension Properly: The Shock Wizard

A customer recently visited Mojo. He was frustrated with his bicycle & blurted: “Are you sure that I got the right bike?” I assured him that the very nice bike he purchased was, in fact, correct for his riding style. However, there was a serious problem with its suspension set-up. The fork had so much rebound adjustment that it was a virtual pogo stick. The shock’s compression was adjusted to such a slow setting that it was effectively dead…there was hardly any functionality. After spending some time with the rider, we got him sorted out. Your bike may not be mis-adjusted to the extreme level of this rider, but if you’ve not taken time to specifically dial your bike’s suspension to your riding style, I can assure you that it’s not adjusted properly. Period.

Now you’re thinking: “What’s the big deal with adjusting my bike’s suspension? It rides well now.” The reason for suspension is to let your bike’s wheels move up & down to absorb small bumps, keeping the tires in contact with the ground. This creates better control. If your bike’s not adjusted properly, it can’t do the job for which it was designed. For instance, if you like rock gardens, your suspension likely needs a fast setting. Lots of big jumping necessitates a slower setting. Trail riding may require entirely different adjustments. Heck, even where you ride in the cockpit will affect your bike’s suspension settings!

You’re thinking: “Dang. I got this bike & the guys at Mojo helped me set the suspension before I

left. Didn’t the Mojo team set it up correctly? The answer is that we set your bike, but it’s to a generic – “Neutral” – adjustment. You then fine-tune your bike to your individual needs as you ride it. No person knows exactly what you need from your bike but you. Sadly, many riders are confused by the numerous suspension settings of today’s components: “There are so many clicks; what do I do?” Good mechanics or sales people can translate what you say about the bike’s handling into adjustments that help the bike become a successful riding tool for you.

What if you don’t want to do a prolonged trial-&-error approach with your favorite shop? There is another option. Enter: SHOCK WIZ. This little tool is your “cheat” to suspension set-up perfection. It’s a small electronic tool that you screw onto the air valve of your fork or shock.

Then, you download its app onto your phone. By looking through its ride options, you can decide the performance that YOU want. For instance, you might choose one of the following settings: “poppy & playful, or “grounded,” or “plush,” or “firm.” Make sure the WIZ is properly installed, sync your phone & head to your favorite trail.

As you ride, the tool monitors what your bike’s suspension is doing. This data provides you with simple action steps to achieve your perfect suspension performance: “add air,” or “add a compression token,” or “speed up your rebound.” Take your bike to many different riding surfaces & adjust it to the best setting the WIZ provides. It used to take me months to get the suspension dialed “just right” on a new bike. Ask my friends about my trail-side frustration with micro-tuning a new fork or shock to get it “perfect.” Now, with this amazing tool, I can get it to within a click of where I need it to be . . . in one weekend! No trail-side tantrums. Some pro race teams use this tool to fine-tune team bikes for EACH specific race course. For me, a tune that works best in several different environments works best. I prefer to set it & forget it.

Mojo Rentals rents the SHOCK WIZ. Yes, this amazing tool is available to you . . . any time you need it! Just swing by Mojo. Work with the guys in Rentals to set up your bike with the sending unit & your phone with the interpreting app. Go ride. Do what the tool tells you to do. Now your bike rides perfectly; just for you. Viola!

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