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Water is Your Friend

The warmer temps finally arrived and everywhere you look it seems people are back outside enjoying the sun. As temperatures start to increase in the spring, Arkansas can get super hot and humid, so the importance of hydration is crucial. Dehydration is dangerous and can even lead to organ failure. It is important to recognize signs of dehydration and how to avoid it to begin with. Some signs to watch out for are:

  • Thirst - If you deprive your body of water, that's when thirst sets in. This is the body's way of telling you that your starting to get dehydrated so you better drink up. Now don't panic if you get thirsty. You're not near death by being thirsty, but try to maintain your hydration so you won't reach that point.

  • Pee - Now no one really likes having to stop for a pee brake on your ride all the time. However, not peeing at all is a sign that you are getting dehydrated. Not only that, but if your urine looks more like apple juice, than you are very close to that dehydration point where you won't pee at all. While the pee brakes may be annoying, they are a good way of knowing how you are doing with your hydration.

  • Sweat - Just like the pee brakes, no one really likes to be drenched in sweat. Sweat is necessary to help regulate temperature when you are physically exerting yourself. If you aren't sweating at all, especially when it is hot out, then not only are you dehydrated, but you may suffer from heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

  • Headache & Dizziness - If you've gotten to this point then the next step will be a visit to the hospital. So don't let it get here. Keep drinking water and if you start to get a headache, take a break, keep sipping and wait to start again until you are feeling better.

No one wants to stop riding, even in the brutal Arkansas heat and humidity. Simply take precautions and always be sure to have multiple hydration options available to you as you ride. You can get dehydrated even in cold weather, but the heat holds a higher risk. So get out and enjoy the warmer temps, just don't forget to bring your water.


Osprey Hydration Packs

Whether you prefer a backpack, hip pack, or water bottle to hold your water, Osprey has all the options. They are made of completely recycled, renewable, and non-toxic materials; yet durable enough to hold up during your rides. Not only that, but they have an "All Mighty Guarantee". So they will repair any damage or defect free of charge. If they can't repair it, they'll replace it. Some of our favorite pack options include:

  • SISKIN or SALIDA - This backpack hydration option comes in either a men's (Siskin) or women's (Salida) fit. It comes in an 8L or 12L, depending on how much room you want to carry extra gear. Each comes with a 2.5L bladder, Osprey's LidLock helmet carry with compression straps for full face helmets, magnetic sternum bite valve attachment, and loop for light attachment.

  • SERAL - If you don't like the idea of riding with a pack on your back, hip packs have become the go-to option. The Seral comes in a 4L or 7L option. Each provide you with a 1.5L bladder, AirScape backpanel with contouring lumbar wrap for stability, magnetic hipbelt bite valve attachment, and light attachment with reflective graphic.

Mention this blog and during the week of March 5-11 get 10% off all Osprey gear.

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