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Bentonville, AR

Ride Fast. Take Chances.

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"You tune my bike better than any tune I've ever had."

~Tyler McCaul


From tune-ups, major repairs, to bike builds we've got you covered.

Brands we stand behind for bikes, parts, and gear.

Offering 24 hr. and same day rentals, with size runs in full suspension, hardtail, and greenway bikes

"You guys are great at building bikes that are perfectly built for the local terrain."

~Lars Sternberg



We are here to help you find the right bike for your needs and budget.

Ready to build machine?  We'll craft yours from the frame up.

"Your shop builds some of the best custom bikes I've ever seen."

~Lance Canfield


The freedom and enjoyment of cycling began as a boy for Mojo owner, Dave Neal. In 2010, he purchased the shop and turned his passion for riding into a pursuit.

Mojo now exists to support everyone who rides or aspires to ride. A bike opens a unique door for each rider: to the natural world, to exploration with friends and family, to challenge and surpass the limits of one’s physical ability and mental focus, and to other diverse experiences. Whatever draws you to get on a bike, we’re excited you’re with us in the great community of cycling.​