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Trail Conditions

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Northwest Arkansas has so many different trails to choose from that it's hard to know where to go.  There are trails right for any rider of any level.  Here are are the top highlights to hit while you're in town.

Back Forty

The Back 40 consists of a series of trails that spread throughout north-east Bella Vista.  The trails range in difficulty from beginner-level, to flowy, to cross country, to moderately difficult rock gardens & jumps.  All obstacles have an easy sally line for riders to bypass them.  The outer Back 40 loop is created for a rider of moderate ability.  All trails except Flo Ride are bi-directional.

Little Sugar

Like it’s older brother, the Back 40, Little Sugar consists of a network of trails that cater primarily to riders of moderate ability.  The outer loop provides a long ride with few technical features.  Meanwhile, the inner trails provide a bit more technically-advanced riding for more adventurous riders.  Any obstacles have easy sally lines, so they can be bypassed.  All trails are bi-directional.

Blowing Springs

Blowing Springs is the oldest trail system in Bella Vista.  It consists of a series of tightly-wound trails that stack above each other on the hills surrounding the Blowing Springs park.  Trails range in difficulty from flowing beginner-style routes to extremely difficult expert trails, like Bomb Diggitty.  Any obstacles have easily-accessible sally lines to help riders circumvent routes above their skill level.  Blowing Springs is a great location from which you can start a ride of the Back 40’s outer loop.  All trails are bi-directional.

Coler Preserve

Not just a trail system, Coler offers visitors to Bentonville a wide array of outside activities.  Cool off in the spring-fed stream on a warm Summer day.  Go hiking on some of the multi-use trails.  Grab some java or hot cocoa at Airship Coffee on a cool Fall afternoon.  If you want Killer aggro shred-fest trails, Coler is the system of choice.  Drop onto the Fireline trail from the giant elevated Hub at the trail’s start.  Take your life into your own hands by dropping the hammer.  Crawl over big crunchy rocks on Here’s Johnny.  Coler system has it all.

Slaughter Pen

Slaughter Pen consists of numerous fast & twisted trails that spread throughout north-east Bentonville.  Most trails range in difficulty from beginner-level, to moderately difficult rock gardens.  For adventurous riders, there are a few “big hit” trails with monster drops, lengthy gap jumps & tall wooden bridges.  These obstacles are only for expert riders!  But don’t freak out: all obstacles have easy sally lines for riders to bypass them.  All trails are bi-directional.

All American

Originating not far from Bentonville’s downtown area, All American trail bobs & weaves down hill past both the Compton Gardens & Crystal Bridges gardens. It is not difficult, but offers riders swooping bermed corners & manageable table-top jumps (all of which can be bypassed).  At the bottom of the hill, the trail offers optional jumps & deeply-carved corners.  Expect lots of fun.

Lake Atalanta

Easy accessibility to Rogers’ traditional down-town area makes Lake Atalanta a fun spot to ride.  This trail system is not as well known as Slaughter Pen, but it offers some great riding that’s quite similar.  Steep climbs, equally steep descents, gnarly rocks, twisty & winding single track.  After your ride, pedal over to some great restaurants in the down-town area & grab a bite to eat or throw back a craft brew.

Hobbs/Monument Trails

It’s a little bit of a drive to get to Hobbs Monument trail system, but this is not an experience to be missed.  Offering flowy descents, mild climbs & gnarly trail with exposure to cliffs that rise out of Beaver Lake, Hobbs is tons of fun.  Most riders with moderate ability can comfortably explore these trails.  For a great group ride, start at the park’s visitor center & head towards Wolf’s Den.  When you get to the dirt road, head over to the Karst loop & go counter-clockwise.  When you get to the lake “rest stop,” jump off your bike & take a dip.

Rail Yard

Get your jump on at this one-of-a-kind pump track & dirt jump park.  This great location provides practice for beginners.  It also provides a challenge for more accomplished riders.  Jump through a rail car.  Blast off the tables & shred the over-arched bermed corners.  The Rail Yard is also a great location from which to enter the Lake Atalanta trail system.  This park is not to be missed.

Mt Kessler

Do you like chunky rocks & endless tech lines?  If so, Mt Kessler is your trail system.  Boasting seemingly-endless climbs, rippy descents & miles & miles of chunky rocks, this is the place for people who like to play on the rocks.  This is not a ride for entry-level riders.  If you go, make sure to play on Spellbound, Rock City & Chinkapin trails.  The climb up the mountain will work you, but the rock play at the top & the descent will be more than worth it!  Trust us.

Lake Leatherwood

Located in Eureka Springs & Leatherwood boasts miles of well-maintained trails that range in difficulty from novice to trail hero.  This is a large trail system that offers something for every rider.  There are numerous down-hill lines you can blast.  (On the weekends they even shuttle riders for $20/day.)  Sail off monster drops.  Shred endless flow lines.  Crank away at cross country trails.  Leatherwood trail system that’s fun for riders of every ability & riding style.

Passion Play Trail System

Passion Play isn’t as well-known as the trail systems in the Bentonville area.  But, that doesn’t mean that these trails don’t kick some SERIOUS butt.  We are serious about these trails . . . they are expert only.  If you want aggro lines, tech lines, big drops, blitzkrieg descents & miles of beautiful hand-cut trails, make the trek to Eureka Springs to ride this trail system.  Be warned, however, you’ll pay for all of your descending & play with some hefty climbs.  So, be prepared to earn your ride.


 Whether it's camping, to Airbnb, or hotel that you prefer, NWA has loads of options for you to choose from while you visit.  These are just a few highly rated options to select from.

This scenic park features RV spaces, primitive tent camping, picnic areas, restrooms and shower facilities. Tent and primitive camping is available in designated grassy sites. Each site includes a grassy area, campfire ring, picnic table and parking area.  They also provide a laundry area and a lounge, with wireless internet service.  Blowing Springs Trails and The Back 40 Trail literally wrap around the park & go within feet of the camping spots..  Crawl out of your tent & get on your bike.



If you are new to the area, the extensive amount of trails and climbs can feel daunting.  Fortunately, there are resources to guide and shuttle you to the best rides.

Providing shuttle services, guided rides, ride planning, area sessions, and more! Meet the sherpa, Kevin Foss: He is passionate about making the sport exciting and accessible for others, which is why he wants to take you on a MTB adventure!  Kevin knows the trails here very well, along with the best pick up and drop off points.  So, it's safe to say you're in good hands.


We are a Professional Bike Guide service offering private mountain, gravel, and greenway tours in Northwest Arkansas. Our experienced mountain bike coaches also teach 1-on-1 private lessons for individuals, families, and small groups. Every tour and lesson is tailored to fit your needs, so you can have the best day ever on a bike.

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You don't have to go far to find some great food in NWA.  If it's pizza, Thai, Chinese, comfort foods, wholefoods, or simply a good cup of coffee there is a place for you.  Here are just a few of our shop favorites.

Wood-fired pizzas, amazing edamame, sandwiches, craft beer & a "chill" atmosphere will make you never want to leave this great eatery that's owned by avid local cyclists.

The hang-out for riders by riders.  Stop in, get a craft brew & eat hand-crafted pizzas that are wood-fired in a hand-built kiva.  This is coolness at its best.

Great lunch menus & salads.  If you enjoy curry then you've just found your spot!  These guys are core to the local riding community & have even had trail features named after their dishes: Evil Jungle Prince!

Amazing steaks, good brews, friendly service & relaxed fun. Go to Doe's for the best steak, beans & comfort food of your trip.  Doe's also has a well-stocked bar.

The best our local BBQ scene.  Whole Hog serves brisket, ribs & other championship-winning smoked recipes.   Hang out, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere & meet the locals.

Wake up. Do good. Repeat.  You can't get much better than that.  Start your day off with a coffee and scone to fuel your ride.  Heroes is located right on the corner of 8th and A, with the downtown Bentonville Square and trail access within easy reach.

If you're looking for wholesome and delicious snack foods &  the grab+go meals created to fuel your rides then Snack Lab is for you. Whether your vegetarian, vegan, keto, paleo, or simply prefer non-processed food they have a meal option for you, with locations in Bentonville and Fayetteville. 

Nothing like some good Chinese food to give you the nutrients you need to recharge after a ride.  Mai Chinese is a food truck located only minutes from Blowing Springs in Bella Vista and will provide you with some of the best 

You can never have too many pizza options.  Priato Pizzeria  is ideally located at the entrance to All American right off the Bentonville Square. Serving artisan crafted, Neapolitan style pizzas with fresh ingrediants

"Spreading Joy, Love, and Cream Cheese", Ozark Mountain Bagel is ready to supply you with your carb load before or after your ride.  They have 2 great locations.  One conveniently at the Bentonville Square and a quieter one further south off Walton Blvd.  Be sure to make that one of your breakfast stops.


There are many ways to occupy your time after a day of riding or on the rainy days during your stay.  Between museums and parks there is something for everyone 

Founded by Alice Walton, the museum features a wide array of world renowned painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, decorative arts, photography.  Traveling & seasonal exhibits are featured also.  The building itself is a work of architectural art.  Also come to see Frank Lloyd Wright's Bachman-Wilson house.  It has been carefully restored & transported to this Bentonville site.  Acres & acres of manicured gardens dotted with sculptures also await your exploration.

Ride your bike right up to this peaceful oasis of quiet, manicured, art-filled gardens.  Relax on the quiet, beautiful paths, then rip out of this park on the All American Trail.  What a great way to start--or finish--a ride.

The Amazeum is 50,000sq feet of kid-focused learning, fun & excitement.  Bring the entire family for hands-on creativity & exhibits that are designed to be touched, interacted with & climbed on!  Kids aren't the only visitors who have a great time here.

Education & inspiration provided by photos, art & heritage items from WalMart's journey from local dime store to world-wide retail leader.

This museum features Native American art, history & culture.  It interprets 1400yrs of indigenous development & culture.  Audio wands provide a great interactive journey through time.

Walk the manicured gardens or explore the beautiful 1875 villa.  Colonel Peel had this mansion built in the Italianate style, which lends it an austere & formal air.

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