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I grew up in Massachusetts, just west of Boston, in a small historical colonial town named Sudbury. However, after high school I moved to Utah for university & never went back to the east coast. I pretty much claim that as “my home state” now.

I’ve been biking for any time in my life for which I have a memory. Can’t remember that far back as to what got me into biking. (But one of my earliest memories is repeatedly crashing in my driveway, as my dad helped me to learn to ride without training wheels.) What’s kept me cycling all my life is that it’s a total escape. The freedom of movement & speed. I don’t think about anything else.


Fun Fact: My cat’s breath smells like cat food.


Favorite Trail Local: Hand Cut Hollow

Favorite Trail Not Local: Green Valley Trail, Iceland


Bucket List Ride: Fort William, Scotland & Squamish, Canada

I was born and raised in Kansas City. My dad got me into cycling as a kid and then again as an adult. I love casual rides with friends to get food, coffee, or to catch sunsets. I've dabbled in all types of cycling from road, cyclocross racing, and mountain biking. RAGBRAI in 2009, Unbound Gravel in 2013 & 2014, and Pedaler's Jamboree have been my favorite rides so far. Working in the cycling industry for the past 13 years has been by far the most rewarding career to date.

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Operations Manager
Service Manager

I was born in Panama City, Florida in 73’. My parents were in the military and I got to live all over the world. Japan and Central America Panama to name a few. In the early 80’s we moved to Southern California where I discovered BMX. My first bike was a Kuwahara. It was stolen shortly after, so I then began skateboarding. I had become a good skater, but a car accident in the early 90’s, put a halt to all that when my knee was destroyed. Shortly after we moved to Kansas City, KS. I had surgery to fix my knee and physical therapy soon had me back on a bike. I then decided to purchase a new mountain bike to help with the recovery. It was a BALANCE AL250. I rode this bike for a long time, and my MTB skills grew quickly riding the KC singletrack. In 2009 I purchased an SE STOUT. It was my first 29er and in 2015 bought a SURLY Krampus. I personally did a lot of customization to the Krampus and began to learn more about how to maintain my own bike. In 2018, I moved to Bella Vista where I began my endeavors to be a bicycle mechanic. While living and working here in this NWA, The MTB playground, it’s given me the resources to become the Service Manger Mojo Cycling was looking for.


Fun fact: I originally went to college become a graphic artist.


Favorite Trail: I really like Mount Nebo.


Bucket List: To travel and ride bikes in Moab, Utah and British Columbia.

My biking journey started when I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and was first taught how to ride a bike. It was hard to learn without crashing and resenting both biking and my dad for continuing to teach me. Eventually, I learned how to ride and perseverance that I still use today. I later moved to Dallas, Texas where my dad really started to get involved in mountain biking. He was set on bringing me along on that journey. I never wanted to go on a ride but after every ride I was glad I went. At that point my knowledge of bikes was still limited, but I was gaining the desire to learn as much as I could about mountain biking. After graduating high school, I moved to Idaho for college where my skills grew as a rider and as a technician working as the Rental Assistant Manager for the BYUI Outdoor Resource Center. My family shockingly moved to Bentonville, Arkansas while I was in my first semester, just for the riding. When I first flew into Arkansas my dad took me on a ride at Slaughter Pen and showed me what I could learn to do. Now, with 2 years of consistent riding and working in shops in Arkansas, I am happy to say I am both a skilled rider and technician.

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Rental Manager
Rental Manager
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I’m Curtis, from Bella Vista. I have been riding mountain bikes since 2013 and always love getting out on the trails. I love riding bikes and getting people on bikes. I am currently riding a hard tail single speed mountain bike, but would love to get a full suspension and hit some bigger stuff.


I have been biking most of my life. I started in high school and raced road bikes for several years before heading back to college. My father and older brother had bikes and were touring, but I liked competing best. For many years I did not ride at all, instead jumping horses, which took much of my time. Luckily my husband had " discovered " the off-road aspect of cycling, and I've been absolutely hooked ever since.    

When younger and road racing around the country, I spent many a night on the floor of kind strangers with my teammates in between races or during a longer race- those were some of the best years of my life! My favorite trail is probably Tristan's at nighttime-short but very fun.

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Hi, I'm Sarah! I've been living in NWA for 6 years (I moved here for the mountain biking, obviously). When I'm not working at Mojo you can find me on the trails coaching beginner riders of all ages or wandering the woods, dreaming about my next bikepacking adventure.

Favorite local trail: Devi's Race Track at Devil's Den

Bucket list ride: The Iceland Divide Bikepacking Route


I was born in Chicago, IL & grew up in a small farm town.  Biking was nearly nonexistent there.  All I grew up knowing of cycling was using it for transportation or enjoying the longer rolling hills with my Grandpa when he visited in from the city.  It wasn't until halfway through my time in the Marine Corps that I got my first bike.  I was already a distance runner looking to cross train.  Having no idea yet that bike shops were a thing, I went to Target a found a single speed bike.  Little did I know it was a fixed gear, but I quickly learned after flipping over the bars trying to coast straight off the train for a 50 mile ride event in NYC.  Fifty miles later, I was hooked. Mountain biking isn't my jam.  Nerve issues in my feet make the balance difficult, so I represent the other crowd, the commuters, gravel riders, & roadies.  Biking helps me relax & clear my head. 


Most people don't know me, rather they know Koopa with his rad goggles & chill demeanor as he rides around town with me.  He is the people "person"... I prefer to stay behind the scenes, sharing stories & artwork (photographs & film) for the shop to inspire the same excitement I have for riding bikes.  My pronouns are he/him.

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Content Creator & Designer
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My name is Maxwell, but I go by Max. I came to this job not knowing the most about bikes surrounded my bike experts. All of my coworkers have gone above and beyond to show me how amazing this industry really is, and I appreciate that so much. I’m hoping to get a bike soon to get into riding cause I really want to. I hope this job changes my life from now on and to get me life long friends and knowledge.

Sales/Mechanic in Training

Adam is an avid outdoorsman and cycling is one of his favorite ways to connect with what Northwest Arkansas has to offer.  He is looking forward to helping you get into a great community of riders.

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Adam Blake
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I'm MK Shamburger. I've lived in Bentonville since 2015. I moved here from Central Arkansas after getting my BS in Computer Science and accepting a job with Walmart Home Office. I have always loved the outdoors. My wife and I started mountain biking in 2016 when we met as a way to connect with our community and each other. I am also an avid One-Wheeler. I love hitting the same trails on my Onewheel as my mountain bike. My favorite trail in Bentonville is Tristan's trail. My bucketlist ride is the Whole Enchilada in Moab, Utah. 

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Trail Dog, door alarm, antisocial but loyal friend

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Master Cuddler, door greeter, backpack rider

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Radar, shop dog in training.



Listener. Saunterer. Snorer. 

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