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Are you a mountain biker, shredding it out on the trails...or is this your first bike and you plan to stay on the pavement? No matter your preferred riding style, riding a bike is the common language that all of us at Mojo speak. We don't just talk bikes, we live bikes, and have a diverse crew of riders working here. If you prefer the gnarly rock gardens and knowing all the nuances behind how your bike functions then owner, Dave Neal is your guru. Maybe, you're part of the new generation of riders and like riding fast and hitting all the jumps; then Aaron and Cooper may be the ones to talk to. Mountain biking not your style? That's ok, Shawna and Mal only dabble in mountain biking, preferring instead to stay on the roads, greenways, or gravel rides. Perhaps, you love all styles of biking and want to understand the mechanics and maintenance of your bike(s), then maybe you should have a chat with our mechanics Dylan, Luke, David, or Logan. Whatever your biking flavor, we at Mojo want to make sure that you have a place to come to, to get knowledge, experience, peer groups, and gear. Once a week we will be posting up "musings" be it lessons learned from a ride, the latest gear or bike build, or simply bicycle education. Each blog will feature a product spotlight with a discount on that product if you mention the blog post the following week. So get ready to kick-off the weekend with our weekly Mojo Musings blog post every Friday.




Finding the perfect socks for riding can always be a challenge, especially in the cold winter months. Wool, particularly merino wool has everything you could need year long, but especially for the winter rides. Some advantages are:

  • Insulation, even when wet!

  • Massive moisture absorption before you even notice it's wet

  • Dries fast

  • Anti-bacterial & odor resistant

While wool is a fantastic material for your socks, it does come in various qualities. Merino wool is going to be your best bet. Come by Mojo Cycling anytime Feb. 12-18, 2021, buy a pair of wool socks, mention this blog post and you'll get 10% off. Stay warm and as always "Ride Fast. Take Chances."

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